About us

Welcome to Vital Career Solutions

To embark on a career can prove to be a pretty daunting task in today’s volatile economic climate for most young graduates, especially with the lack of experience and inclination in the right choice of career. That is why in Vital Career Solutions, we aim to provide professional expertise in this exploration.

And we do this through the people we invest in – Our People.

The belief in equipping our people with a range of specialized skills to be prepared for tomorrow’s battle is synonymous to the focus on our training infrastructure and programmes. Every individual is organically unique and we recognise that value. We strive to value-add to you in providing the best service. We want to foster the kind of relationship with you that is built on trust. A trust in us that we can deliver for you.

Our Vision

To serve as a social enterprise to provide aspiring young graduates the opportunity to holistically explore their career choices, and make good career decisions that align with their long term goals.

Our Mission

To educate and enlighten young graduates to be acutely aware of different career options available and the importance of making a sound career choice.

Our Services

Training and Development

It is evident that Vital Career Solutions is passionate about its people’s development. We identify with the need to invest and groom talents. A phased succession planning programme is designed to hone the development of key skills in individuals to help them build a solid foundation for their career. In Vital Career Solutions, we advocate a life-long learning spirit, and seek continuous enhancement of oneself through mentorship, people management trainings and quarterly reviews.

Management Expertise

Vital Career Solutions has a dedicated team of motivated management professionals equipped with skills and experiences to bring about unmatched depth of expertise to your career search. A commitment to find the highest calibre of people from a wide range of backgrounds remains as one of our highest priorities. Each highly-trained consultant delivers competence, paralleled with a profound knowledge of the human resource function, in the assessment of the individuals. A careful and comprehensive evaluation of the candidates enables us to locate exceptional talents.

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